Happy Birthday Swiss Maestro – King of the Tennis Universe


8/8 – That is Federer’s birthday, as most tennis fans know by rote. To me, it is fascinating in multiple ways that Federer’s birthday is what it is. Let me give you a couple of those ways that make his b’day intriguing for me. First and foremost, 8/8 has a great ring to it. It has always fascinated me when people have birthdays with the day and month being the same. Some of the people I admire a lot have birthdays like that. Starting with Federer, my other sporting hero of the last decade – Yuvraj Singh [12/12], MSD [7/7] and the biggest Tennis Icon before Federer – Bjorn Borg [6/6]. There is also a good friend who has his B’day on 5/5, 12/12 and 1/1 and so on.

The other big thing is this. Guess whose birthday is tomorrow? Rod Laver. Yes mam, it is like Nature conveniently decided the GOAT [Greatest of All Time] dilemma for us by placing their birthdays one after another, ranking them in her own mysterious and riveting ways. I am absolutely thrilled to know that the 2 GOATs of tennis were born in consecutive days. Here is my “King-maker” tip of the day – If you have a kid born on August 7th, get your behind and his to the nearest tennis academy, right away. More importantly, give me a call and we will set up a payment plan so that you guys can share a few of the 100s of millions of cha-ching you will be making.

Let me wrap up this piece by providing you a few nice reads on Federer and the tennis world. First up, one of the most popular articles doing the rounds in the last month :

Beatriz and Federer : A great fan-favorite story

The next, of course, is an article on possibly the greatest rivalry tennis has ever seen, Fedal:

Fedal Fever Forever

Happy reading people!

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