Cin-square-nati Preview by Mr. Rod Federer

That time of the year folks. The US Open series is pacing down the runway with tremendous speed. Rafa and Serena are aboard the flight to New York and Djokovic and Murray are doing their best to jump into the flight. The game’s two biggest stars Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova are going to ensure that Cin-square-nati is gointo shine bright and long this week in the sporting world.

Let us cut to the chase, shall we? Let me handicap each quarter of the women’s and men’s draw. You guys will have to cut me some slack on the women’s side as I really only watch the top players. With the men, I hope to have a greater degree of success. Let me step up to the guillotine and go out on a limb.


WTA Draw:


1st Quarter: 

Easiest to predict this one. Serena. How is that for going out on a limb? Well, Stosur is my 2nd pick in this quarter. I am a big fan of Bartoli and if she does the unthinkable and makes it to the semis, I will be liking it.

2nd Quarter:

Let me take a look at the WTA site. 10 long minutes later….. I have no idea who to pick. It is going to be an exciting match should Li Na and Radwanska stay on course. I pick Radwanska to make the semi-final. To be honest, this is the quarter of death and Kerber, Venus or even Kleybanova could make it.


3rd Quarter:

I liked it that Maria went to the drawing board and got Jimmy Connors to help her break through the Serena-wall. I think she did the right thing and I am hopefully it will pay off sooner than later. I will go with Sugarpova over Cibulkova here.4th Quarter:

Another “Quarter of Death” contender. For fellow perverts out-there, this is the Quarter of babes. Goerges [I am positive her birth certificate has her name as Gorgeous ;)] and Azarenka, Wozniacki, Ivanovic. The glamour quotient has shot right through this mundane world and into the most glamorous of planets – Saturn, anyone? My pick  – Azarenka

Final Call: Sugarpova over Radwanska [To quote my favorite telugu comedian – Yes, I am telling that!!!!]



ATP – Roger, Rafa, Novak and Andy


 Two years ago, I would have picked the 4 of these to make the semis and wing it blindly from there. Times have, unfortunately for Fedal fans, changed. The latest rivalry in town is Nolandy. 3 out of the last 4 slams finals. No.1 and No.2 – Welcome to the Hall of Fame of Tennis rivalries Mr. Djokovic and Mr. Murray. We have been expecting you. If only you could bring the contrast of styles that Borg-Mcenroe or Sampras-Agassi or Fedal bring. Oh well, dwelling in the past and missing the fun of the present is not a wise thing to do. Let us plunge into the picks guys.

1st Quarter:

Djokovic. Enough said. The dude is losing big matches, but he still is the 2nd best hardcourt player in the last decade. I pick Isner as the biggest obstacle to Nole here.

2nd Quarter:

I am going to throw the “you have to be unbiased when you make picks” rule out of the window and pick my Mr. Delpotro because I think the dude is just cool. With a capital C. Capital O. Capital O. Capital L. Ferrer, ofcourse is the ultimate tennis machine. If I were not so full of myself, I would have picked David, but hey, this is a free world, alright!

3rd Quarter:

The BIG MONSTROUS BLUE WHALE in the draw. 27 GS and 400+ weeks at no.1 and 40+ Masters titles, right here, in this legendary quarter. Will we even get that Fedal meeting? The irony is Federer fans have pined and begged everything that is holy in this cosmos for as many Fedal meeting at Cincinnati, US Open, Paris Indoors, Shanghai, Basel and so on. Why? Federer is 4-0 against Nadal on post-Wimbledon fast hardcourts. If Fedal played 15 times on these surfaces and not on clay, it is quite conceivable that Fedal rivalry would be 20-10 in Roger’s favour.

My pick: Tommy Haas 😉 I am serious. Roger is in a serious slump. Rafa has a poor record in Cin-square city.

4th Quarter:

Andy Murray is the obvious pick, but isn’t life dull when you make obvious choices? I will back Mr.Gulbis to deliver on his talk and pull the upset.

Bottom Line:  Djokovic to become 1st man to get the complete set of Masters over a game Tommy Haas.


Enjoy Tennis and Life, friends!




16 thoughts on “Cin-square-nati Preview by Mr. Rod Federer

  1. Just like that… Sugarpova is gone. LOL! I am not complaining, it might be the kiss of death, but if it is Maria, I am taking whatever kiss I get. 😉

    Sloane is showing some serious game, though. I hope she does well at Cin-square and NYC!!!

    For now, it’s RF time. I hope Fed comes through. atleast he cant say I jinxed him….

  2. Now that Maria has sold me down the drain, let me try to keep winging it and see if I can redeem things.
    Serena in straight sets [duh!], Errani, Kvitova, Li, Petkovic, Bartoli, Kirilenko in 2 sets.

    Radwanska, Venus, Makarova, Kerber, Rybarikova, Wozniacki in 3sets

    Who you got people? 🙂

  3. Miss MB: I am Feeling Gutted… why did you have to retire? Loved your winning Wimbledon 2013. Unlike your laser-like ground strokes, your game was always out of the box. Kudos on a terrific career. Dont lose that superb smile of yours.

  4. I wanted to write an article, but am gutted. I will post my predictions here.

    Serena, Stosur, Radwanska, Kerber, Jankovic, Errani, Azarenka and Kvitova.

    Men’s : I will go with Djokovic, Isner, Delpotro, Ferrer, Haas, Dimitrov, Berdych and Murray.

    Enjoy the tennis guys!

  5. Federer Vs Haas – Can tennis get better than this? Great match guys! Cincinnati tournament gets better and better.

    Fedal in the offing! Federer can turn his entire year around if he beats Nadal here. All the pressure on Nadal, just as all the pressure was on Djokovic last week. Will Nadal handle the pressure better than Djokovic did?

    We will know soon……

  6. Picks for the day:

    WTA = Serena in 2, Azarenka in 3, Jankovic in 3. Li Na got a walkover as Radwanska withdrew [grandfather passed away]

    Djokovic in 2, Delpotro in 2, Rafa in 3, Murray in 3

  7. Rafa losing only 2 points on serve? Can a righty get away with serve like that? For starters, he cannot find the backhand of most players on the ad-court with such accuracy!

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