Daily Poll – King of the HardCourts

Hello Sports fans:

Please feel free to cast your vote on our daily polls. If you have any exciting suggestions for future polls, please use the comments or my goole/fb ID –  donaldtendulkar .

11 thoughts on “Daily Poll – King of the HardCourts

  1. Kingdoms are established over time and ruled with persistent superiority. While Roger has the numbers and history in his favour, he seems to have lost his throne to the new king Novak, who currently seems to be facing stern test in the face of Rafa. Andy doesn’t need any separate empire as he seems to have laid the foundation for one in Nole’s head 😉 Interesting times..

  2. Federer is my choice – he dominated in his prime, even at 29-31, he pushed the much younger Djokovic and Murray to their limits. Nadal just had two good weeks at this at age 27 and AO 2009 vistory was suspicious as he simply never got tired in the final even after he and Verdasco covered every inch of court in the semi and for four hours. USO 2010 was also suspicious, the only tournament where Nadal served 10 kmh faster than his usual speed and then he never served that fast again (up to this day). Nadal has had the better of Federer because of his high topspin forehand to single handed backhand, something that there is no way to counter.

  3. Thanks Shiv for posting, but suspecting Nadal’s performance is a very slippery slope. We could end up with tennis being a joke like baseball. Let us hope that is not what the reality is!!!

    Innocent until proven guilty. Yes, even in the post- Armstrong era!!!

    Thanks for sharing your views!

  4. No doubt Fedex ra…the game he has is just best suited for hard court…somehow I believe he is better on hard court when compared to grass…actually may be this can be a poll question for you…Fedex is best on which surface?

  5. Carlos: Thanks for explaining your pick. Nole definitely is the current King of HC. [say post 2011]

    Kimberly: You know, I agree with you, being a federer fan. 🙂

    To summarize: Roger is all time King of Hard Courts. Nole the present/current King of HC.

    Who will be the King of Queens? I am thinking Novak, but I will be rooting for Roger.

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