Daily Poll : Who will be the Queen of Queens?

 Please feel free to cast your vote on our daily polls. If you have any exciting suggestions for future polls, please use the comments or my goole/fb ID –  donaldtendulkar .

6 thoughts on “Daily Poll : Who will be the Queen of Queens?

  1. I really wanted to vote for Maria. LOL! I dont have any posters of her, but I have been following her since 2003 Wimbledon where she made that run to the 4th round after being granted a wildcard!

    If you look at my Cincinnati preview – I picked her to be the champion. She promptly lost to Sloane Stephens. I have learnt my lesson and decided to go for Vika. She repaid my faith in spades by double bageling her opponent!

    • I just couldn’t stop myself from voting for Maria…when she wins the victory is sweeter!

      As in the case of West Indies and cricket, the atmosphere is just so great when she is playing good tennis!

      And yes, neither do I have any posters of her in my room…LOL

      but somehow this US Open – I want POVA to win!

  2. The interesting question is outside Vika and Serena, who has any chance of winning this open? They were asking on ESPN last night. I think the only one with an outside shot is Li Na. What is your opinion?

  3. Li Na definitely got a shot! I would pick Radwanska too.

    Lisicki, Kerber and Kuznetsova have got some big game and Kuznetsova has won a USO. so…..

    Truth be told, I dont think anyone has a chance as long as Serena is still in NYC. [not draw, just her being in the city, LOL!

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