US Open 2013 : Live Updates and Discussion!

Please check this blog and comments section for updates on the tennis action at US Open 2013. Feel free to provide your own updates for the benefit of fellow tennis fans!


Glam Queen Alert:  Maria “I am not Sharapova” Kirilenko is getting a thrashing from Halep!  Ana “My Girl”  [She has just lost 1 and 0, wow! what happened here]. Ivanovic is down a break!

Upset Alert:  Kvitova is down a set and a break to another of the many rising American WTA stars, Riske! [US is going to be the next powerful dynasty in WTA. I just cannot see them missing it with this kind of talent and numbers]

Svetlana Kuznetsova [I was there when she won US Open in 2004] is calmly doing her business, meanwhile, in the middle of all this insanity! [Atleast at this point in time]


Ferrer is being the tennis machine he is! #Respect to the Mr. Tennis Worker!

18 thoughts on “US Open 2013 : Live Updates and Discussion!

  1. Well, Sveta decided she will also join in this insanity. Down a set is Sveta!

    Kvitova is down 2 breaks in the 2nd set, and it will be a miracle, if she pulls this out! I am gutted, saying this, but Adios Amiga! Please put things together and come back stronger Petra!

    As for Alison Riske, super achievement knocking out a former slam champion on home turf!

  2. Absolute Carnage in WTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kvitova, Kirilenko, Kuznetsova got Killed!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ivanovic is a game away from going out!

    Even Azarenka is down a break now!

    Hewitt really started this, I am starting to believe that 🙂

    • That is a remarkable achievement by Federer. Even I was surprised to see it go relatively unnoticed. It is quite something to have both the total slams won record and the total slams played continuously played record simultaneouly since one is about excellence and the other is about endurance.

      • Very well said. Djokovic is on a roll himself about the longevity one. Come to think of it, he is on Federer’s trail on a few records 🙂

        like – Consecutive, QFs, Consecutive Semi-finals and Consecutive slams played!

  3. Wow! Big John lost! Kohlschreibber can be a beast and he was terrific today. Kohlschreibber will now have to deal with a Tennis Giant [as opposed to the physical giant that Isner is]- Rafael Nadal.

    Raonic, Gasquet and Tipsarevic are through. Very excited for Raonic for flying the flag for the youngsters!
    Gasquet – I am sure everyone is happy that this guy has made another 4th round! [ No offence, Tursunov] Now he needs to step it up!

    Caroline Wozniacki is involved very intriguing and exciting match with Camilla Giorgi! They had some wonderful rallies and the match is now entering the final stretch! Caro is facing break points at 2-3 in the 3rd set!

    Next Up: That dude who has won a FEW slams. He is…… Mr. Tennis!

  4. Caroline Wozniacki is out! The day of massacre on WTA ends with another big star losing.

    Federer-Mannarino next : Federer needs to keep up his level to get through unscathed!

  5. Federer putting up a clinic. Mannarino, I expected more from you. Looks like a Fedal showdown in NYC wednesday night! Robredo and Kohlschreibber, behave yourselves and don’t play spoil sport!
    I will be there for that match! 🙂

  6. Who do you think has a better chance? Robredo against Fed or Kohlschreiber against Rafa? I think Kohlschrieber has a better chance.

  7. That is the thing I worry for the Fed too! He will be undercooked. Everyone can feel it now – Fedal on Wednesday night!

    I am thinking Robredo against Fed, because this year and at this stage, Federer is more of an uncertainity than Rafa.

    It wont matter, I think both Federer and Nadal will eventually prevail and give us our 1st Fedal in the greatest showcourt in Tennis! Allez Roger! Vamos Nadal!

  8. Best match of the day! Serena Vs Sloane! – I am picking Serena in 2 tight sets, but really hope Sloane can push it to 3 and maybe even win it!

    This could be the New Generation-Old Generation torch-passing match, right here! Don’t miss it if you are a tennis fan 🙂

  9. Ooh, Sloane just gave me a lot of reasons to review my call! Serena serving 1st is a huge advantage!

    Major mistake from Sloane. Electing to receive is a very negative decision. Nadal would have achieved even more if he didn’t do this on a regular basis…imho

    Couple of breaks traded! This is the match, right here. Sloane 3-4 down and 30-40! She has to pull this out!

  10. Well people, even I was embarrased to comment on that match after that point. I expected more from Sloane, but she is still young and more experienced players than her have got hammered! I would say dont trade in your sloane stock, yet!

    I hope Sloane keeps up the good work and she realises her full potential! Terrific stuff from Serena! Navarro-Kerber match was awesome! You have to love the way those 2 play! I hope navarro can make Serena come down to earth

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