US Open 2013 Poll: Hot Shots – Which Shot do you think is the best?

So, we are at the half-way point in our wonderful journey, as tennis fans, on this road trip called US Open 2013. We folks at SportzCosmos have decided that it is a good time to take a look at some of the best shots that we have seen this week.  Please take a look and let us know which you think is the best, in the poll that follows.

1. Andy Murray’s response to Llodra’s Underarm serve:  Llodra was providing some comic relief in a match that was already lost and went with an underarm serve. Murray was more than ready for it and used all his quickness of feet and variety of shots to pull off this hotshot. [video]

2. Silvia Soler Espinosa and Agnieszka Radwanska create magic: This is a point that has not one, but two hot shots. Radwanska seems to have played the shot of the match with that around-the-net shot that just finds the line, only for Espinosa to track it down and get the ball just beyond the reach of the quick-as-a-cat Agnieszka. [video]

3. Rafael Nadal and his backhand slice passing shot : Over the years, Mr. Mallorcan has enthralled crowds all over the world with some wonderful super-man like shot-making. Over the US Open series, Nadal has generated some eye-catching shots. He has cranked it a little more during the US Open and it was a tough choice between his shot against Ryan Harrison [video] and this work of a genius with skilful hands as he makes this passing shot against Dodig! [video]

4. Italian duo compose a sweet symphony: Flavia Pennetta did many things right against Sara Errani in this match-up between these two Italian players. Here she takes a sharp-angled backhand volley from Errani and runs it down the line to give us this sweet and spicy hotshot. [video   @ 1:00 minute mark]

5. Big John doesn’t go down without  a fight: John Isner has had a wonderful American summer season. It was quite unfortunate his US Open campaign had to end in the 3rd round, but Big John gave the Americans a lot to cheer for during his brief run in New York. In this point [2:52 mark in the video, John Isner gives a glimpse of an unappreciated side of his game, his movement. He gets to that drop volley with time to spare and finishes off the point to get the packed-crowd to their boisterous best! [video  @ 2:52 mark]

15 thoughts on “US Open 2013 Poll: Hot Shots – Which Shot do you think is the best?

  1. Federer-Robredo in a major battle! Federer needs to play his very best to keep Tommy off.

    Federer’s age-old nemesis “breapointitis” is something watch out for. 1/3 on BP conversions, is Federer!

  2. The Big 4 is now a Big 3. Mr. Tennis is out! It was always a tricky match and Robredy, as they say, was due for a win!

    The Al of Fedal, Nadal was in trouble having lost the 1st set, but he has righted the ship and looks on course to set up an all-spannish quarterfinal! [All-Spannish quarterfinal outside clay? That seems like an improbable thing if it was 10 or 15 years ago, but here we are! 🙂

    The bigger news is that Richard Gasquet [the original Baby Fed] and Raonic are in a 5th set and Gasquet has done the impossible and pulled out a 4th set breaker 11-9! and is up a break on Raonic! Raonic has hit 37 aces and 92 winners and he might still lose. This is not a match either of these guys deserves to lose!

  3. what a match from Rafa!…drenching in sweat inside the ASHE…am sure he has learnt a lesson or two in his 6-7, 6-4, 6-3, 6-1 win over Philip Kohlschreiber…big KUDOS to Kohlschreiber who was brilliant with his ground strokes. Few moments of breakdown for Philip..
    – just hope he does keep those UEs in check – 45+ for the match
    – Service return – only one break point in the entire match, and it goes unconverted!

  4. Kohli threw all that he can at Rafa and Rafa was upto it. He might have to run through a couple of his own country-men to get to the finals!

    The Spanish Armada continues their onslaught on tennis. 3 querterfinalists in the men’s draw = all 3 Spannish tennis players. Granollers can make it 4 if he can overcome the small hurdle that is No-1-vak Djokovic! DO NOT bet your house on it guys. maybe a shack or a hut, if you have one 😉

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