What’s happening in the tennis world?

Big 4 Update:

Three of the Big 4 players of the last few years were in action at the Davis Cup over the weekend. Nadal and Murray even played the doubles on Saturday and each of them put on a clinic in the doubles. World No.1 Novak Djokovic was involved in the most meaningful battle of the top 3  – a Davis Cup semi-final. Djokovic brushed aside Canada’s top 2 singles players with the ease of a man taking a stroll down the road. Back in 2010, Davis cup was one of the primary reasons that Djokovic V.1 transformed to Djokovic V.2. Could it again help him find the energy he needs to hold on to the No.1 ranking that is under serious threat from the Mallorcan Legend – Rafael Nadal? Talking about Nadal, here’s a hot shot from his doubles match in the Davis cup. The guy can play, tennis, uh?

Biggest News Outside of the Big 4:

Milos Raonic extended the epicness that he and Richard Gasquet had created at US Open and provided not 1 but 2 instant classics in the above mentioned Davis Cup semi-final in Serbia. Milos was 1st involved in a man-o-mano tussle with Janko Tipsarevic, which he pulled out 10-8 in the 5th after a 4hour 12 minute bout. He then teamed up with Daniel Nestor on saturday to win the crucial doubles tie, you guessed it 10-8 in the 5th. Raonic then tried his best to do a super-man imitation and pushed the 1st set against Djokovic to a breaker. Once Djokovic asserted his fresh legs, the wind finally gave up on Raonic’s epic voyage. Raonic won 1 point in the 1set tie-break and only 4 games in both the 2nd and 3rd sets put together. Sportz Cosmos salutes Raonic for the most exciting effort of the week.

Boldest Pot-stirring Statement of the Week:

To the surprise of no-one Pat Cash, decided we have seen enough of this 6hr ball-slugging,(for lack of a more appropriate word ) base-line rallies that can get quite taxing on people planning to get a few things done and are not aware of the ATP’s “we-want-3253535-shot-rallies-in-every-match” campaign. In his interview with CNN, Cash echoed something quite a few tennis analysts and pundits were saying – Tennis matches need more varieties. To his credit, Cash does not complaing about the Djokovic-Nadal finals, but he talks about tennis matches being monotonous on a day-in-day-out basis. I, personally think the time has come for ATP to see if they can quicken the courts just a little so that big-hitters like Tomas Berdych and Tsonga don’t have to lose an arm trying to server hardest and even more hardest. Anyone asking for extra-effort charges for such big servers unfortunate to be playing in the era of powe baseline tennis?

Davis Cup, Again!

Oh well, it’s dead-news season in the tennis world. Davis cup has only just past the semi-finals in 2013, but they’ve already lined up the 2014 draw ceremony. Let no one accuse ITF/Davis Cup organizers of staying ahead of the times. The 2014 seeds have been announced and in keeping in line with the theme of this era, the top 1 and top 2 seeds are Czech Republic and Serbia, also the finalists of this year’s Davis Cup.  ITF is doing its best to get those 1 or 2 fans who are NOT finished with the tennis season to get excited about the Davis Cup by streaming it for free. Yes folks, FREE STREAMING. Remember, all the Big 4 players’ countries are in the main draw next year. Should all of them commit, THAT weekend will be one helluva weekend!

Enjoy Tennis, and Life folks.

7 thoughts on “What’s happening in the tennis world?

  1. I agree with Pat Cash’s comments on the variety that Tennis seems to be lacking in recent times. Brutal rallies are getting more and more boring. {Fans like me are at fault too, because as a Nadal fan I should admit that I love it when Nadal adjusts his bottles and you can imagine how I feel in a rally of his…!} We cannot get lost in awe of our fav. players so much that we forget who we fundamentally are – tennis fans! Long live TENNIS and its versatility…

  2. Thanks for immediately giving a nice informative article on Davis Cup…I am really hoping that one day we get to see Serbia clash with Switzerland in one semifinals, Spain with Great Britain in the other…with a Spain Swiss final…the final decided by the second reverse singles played by FEDAL…wow dont you love the idea!!!

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