CL T-20 Preview : Final, Mumbai vs Rajasthan

Tendulkar and Dravid and the Battle of the Blues

 In a few hours from now, Sachin Tendulkar and his wing-man in many battles of yore, Rahul Dravid will take the field one final time in their Blues. “Blues” seems a very apt theme for this battle of theirs. First and foremost they have fought together in many a battle in India Blues to bring many laurels to India and served as great ambassadors for the colourful nation, they hail from.

“Blues” also captures the mood of a nation as it sees its two greatest sons take the field for 1 last time in a format that is the future of the game, in many ways. It is sad enough that one of them will call it quits, but for both of them to bid adieu – That really hurts. Don’t we all hope for a hundred or a 50 from each of these Legends of our wonderful sport as they say goodbye?

“Blues” is also the colours they will don – Dravid a Royal shade of the blue, while the Mumbai Maestro will wear the blue and gold colours that represent Mumbai Indians. That is where the differences begin. Dravid will be leading his team as he has for the last 2 years. Tendulkar will be leading the batting line-up, but the on-field leadership will be coming from a younger version of him – Rohit Sharma.

The differences get amplified when you look at the ethos of the two teams. Rajasthan Royals is a team which reflects the essence of Rahul Dravid – his low-key yet strong attitude, his never say die spirit and the professionalism with which he has always carried himself. Mumbai Indians is a team that reflects the Iconic status Sachin Tendulkar has enjoyed in our beautiful sport for more than 20 years. It is a team full of stars and a team that is hunting as a pack to gift the Greatest Cricketer of our times with a farewell win.

Let us get to the important business of who the winner will be today [Has that word “winner” ever sounded more wrong than it does now?]. As a sports analyst, considering the all important injury to Brad Hodge, I am going to say Mumbai definitely have the edge. The funny thing about Cricket and sport in general is that nothing is certain. Rajasthan Royals and Rahul Dravid will leave no stone unturned to continue their winning streak in this tournament.

Prediction: Channelling Mr. Shastri here, Cricket will be the winner. Oh, and also a team in blue.

Enjoy Cricket and Life, folks…….

12 thoughts on “CL T-20 Preview : Final, Mumbai vs Rajasthan

  1. Greatest cricketers in Indian Cricketing Book and nicest people, along with Dhoni, to have worn the Indian Jersey. Somehow, I did see this final encounter coming [probably the fan of irony in me has envisioned this..]. Going to be one blockbuster of a contest, and shall treat myself by not missing a moment of this action! Feels sad to think that they cannot be seen in colors again. GODD!!! and yes hoping to muffle myself from Shastri’s boring cliches 🙂

  2. Game on in Delhi. Dravid has probably played his best “stroke” of the match by holding himself back. RR have the batting line up to do it. Will MI bowlers do better than their RR counterparts?

  3. Mumbai Indians gave a fitting farewell to Sachin Tendulkar’s T20 career by notching up a comprehensive 33-run victory over Rajasthan Royals to clinch the Champions League Twenty20 title.

  4. The Mumbai Indians’ team did not stop restrict their CLT20 title celebrations to the cricket field. Owner, Nita Ambani hosted a huge party for her team to celebrate their triumph.

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