A Match For The Ages

As the tennis season starts gaining momentum towards a serious finale, we find ourselves looking at one of the most awaited matches in the tennis world – Grigor Dimitrov vs Roger Federer. This is a match that should be a must watch if you are a tennis fan. This is the first meeting between these two amazingly gifted athletes and it promises to be a match filled with some of the finest shot making on a tennis court.

Dimitrov, who has won his maiden title last week, will finally face the man whose shadow looms big and large over Dimitrov’s career. For a few years now, the Tennis Galaxy has been waiting for Dimitrov, who was given the title of “Baby Federer”, to step out of the shadows of the player, who many tennis experts have anointed the GOAT. Dimitrov has resented this title, vociferously in the media, claiming he has had enough of the comparison. You cannot blame him. The title comes with an unfair amount of expectation and the guy who was bestowed with this title, before Dimitrov – Richard Gasquet will vouch that the title brought more trouble than good.

Roger Federer knows about unfair expectations, having battled them himself for a good period before breaking those shackles in spectacular fashion at the 2003 Wimbledon. Since then, Federer has made a career out of meeting expectations and exceeding them. This year, however, has seen Federer fail to meet his own expectations as well as those of some of his most staunchest and loyal fans. He has made some tough calls like parting with Paul Annacone and seems intent in making the most of the Indoor season, which he has dominated several times in the last decade.

Grigor Dimitrov will be hoping to do his part in preventing Federer from salvaging something substantial from this Indoor season. His game is really in top form and he will be asking Federer a lot of questions for sure. More importantly, Dimitrov will have to make sure he has all the answers to the questions his more illustrious opponent will be posing. Federer may not be doing well this year, but he will be playing in familiar conditions and in an environment where he has been every bit as dominant as he has been on Grass.

Federer and Dimitrov have played 2 matches each in the tournament thus far and of the two, I would pick Dimitrov as the one in form. He has been impressive in his outing against Stepanek and in his match against Dolgopolov, Dimitrov was at his very best. If he brings that kind of form to this match, Dimitrov will add a win over Federer to his list of impressive achievements. Federer for his part was in big trouble in his match against Istomin, something I had foreseen in my pre-tournament picks. Federer really dug deep in the final 2 sets of the match and I can see him now making a serious run to the title.

Prediction: I did pick Grigor in 3 at the start of tournament, I really think Roger will be ready for this match and am seriously thinking of changing my pick, but I will stick with Grigor Dimitrov in 3 sets.

15 thoughts on “A Match For The Ages

  1. Grigor Dimitrov started well. Roger Federer taught him a basic lesson that one must learn to be a Champion in any field – It is not how you start, but how you finish! Federer wins 1st set 6-3, 2 breaks of serve for the 17time Champ!

  2. Great! I somehow predicted & visited Cosmos today, in the hope tht u might come up some article or interesting comments on this match.

    I still remember u watching out for Dimitrov & so are u a hopelessly in love Roger fan.

    And Bingo! I find my article right on the money! As usual, great article. If there was one match I was always hoping Fed wud play more often, it was the vs Marat Safin matches earlier. It frankly was a sight for Gods….for 2 of the most talented players slugging it out…..

    Keep them coming Brother!!!

  3. Hello Redclaw:

    Are you sure you are a Rafa fan? If you say anymore good things about me, people will brand you a Rafa hater 😉

    Seriously though, I am impressed with your “Holmes” work or homework. I am a huge Dimitrov, Gasquet, fan. I really want Dimitrov to do well…. you can say that kind of made me even pick against Federer this match!

    I really wish Marat Safin is still playing but the dude is busy trying to make Russia a better(?) country 🙂

    The match itself was scrappy and there were moments of brilliance from both GD and RF, but it was nowhere close to my 2 most favorite matches of all time – Federer-Sampras and Federer – Safin 2005 AO!

    In 3 setters my all time favorites are Seles-Graf FO 91 final and Capriati-henin 2003 USO semifinal. 🙂

  4. Serena wrestles the all important break from Jankovic. Wonderful match this. Good on JJ for making a match! 4-3 Serena!

    In Basel, Delpotro a game away from the 3rd.

    In Valencia, Youzhny with set points on country-man Tursunov…..

  5. Federer Nation:

    We may not get the Roger Federer – Juan Martín del Potro match…. Pospisil wins 2nd set and is serving 1st in the 3rd set…… This is what I was thinking GD might do yesterday, but didn’t see Pospisil doing it! Game on in Basel!

    Serena Nation:

    HRH the Queen of the Tennis Galaxy is through to the final and it will be an exciting final with Na Li…. To quote my favourite player Victoria Azarenka : “Let’s Do This”

  6. Roger Federer closes the match 7-5 in the 3rd. Federer nation erupts in joy and Tennis galaxy awaits a blockbuster Finale tomorrow in Basel!

    Over to Valencia where Ferrer and Almagro will be fighting it out for a place in the final. Ferrer in 2 tight sets is my call!

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