Who is the best coach in the Tennis Galaxy, right now?

Tennis fans, who is the best coach in the Tennis Galaxy, right now? Our analyst Prakash Potukuchi ( @donaldtendulkar ) has picked Patrick Mouratoglou. Who do you think is the best coach in business?

6 thoughts on “Who is the best coach in the Tennis Galaxy, right now?

  1. What Patrick Mouratoglue has achieved with Serena since her first round loss at Roland Garros in 2011 is remarkable, if you look at the sheer numbers in the last 18 months, it’s the greatest run by a tennis player male or female in the last 30 yrs & Serena is 32 lol. The closest coach would be Ivan Lendl who took Murray to 2 grand slams, 2 grand slam finals and Olympic Gold in just 18 months of partnering.

    …But bravo Mr. Mouratoglue!!!!

  2. Well Said Ryan! I agree with you very much. Mouratoglou and Lendl are the very best in business!

    As I have been telling everyone who is willing to listen to me, I wish Roger would also hire Patrick Mouratoglou as coach 🙂

  3. All of these names are great. But I do believe that Patrick has made Serena a far more complete player. Now we see the total package of what her talents encompass. Imagine if they had worked together below.
    She uses all her gifts, is far more patient, is more balanced on the court in her shot selection and seems to enjoy and love the game now more than ever. The results speak for themselves.

    My vote goes to Patrick.
    My second vote goes to Toni. Rafa has had an incredible year, but we have not seen that much of a difference in his game than before, apart from being more aggressive in his return game and more aggressive on hard courts.

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