AO 2014: Day 4 Preview

Things are heating up in the land down under, both literally and metaphorically. The tournament has already bid adieu to two former No.1’s in Lleyton Hewitt and Venus Williams, who have definitely started 2014 on the right note. Let us take a quick look at some of the big matches lined up on Day 4. Day 4 has the star-studded bottom-half of the Men’s draw in action. Rafael Nadal, Juan Martin Delpotro, Andy Murray, J0-Wilfried Tsonga are all in action. On the Women’s side Caroline Wozniacki, Agnieszka Radwanska and Jelena Jankovic will be taking the court. Did I mention Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova are playing too? 🙂

Christina McHale  Vs Caroline Wozniacki

This is going to be a total battle with McHale who is making a good comeback from some unfortunate injuries/illness. Wozniacki is trying to find her way back too. McHale is one among a very talented group of American young women who remind me of the Russian WTA revolution around 10 years back! Wozniacki is going to be tough to beat, but I think Christina will give her a good work out!

Prediction: Caroline Wozniacki in 2 tight sets

Rafael Nadal vs Thanasi Kokkinakis

Rafa Nadal has seen off one Aussie player in Tomic. He will have another youngster from the Land of Oz to deal with in his 2nd round match! Kokkinakis, like McHale is a part of a tennis revolution, the Australian ATP revolution that is. His task his much more tougher than what McHale faces tomorrow, though. He has to play one of the Greatest players of our game who is at the very top of his game. Just in case that was not daunting enough, Kokkinakis is coming off a 5th set effort. Good Luck Mr.Kokkinakis. You will be well served to bring the wonderful spirit in which you ended your 1st round match.

Prediction: Rafa to take care of the young man in 3 business like sets.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga  Vs Thomaz Bellucci

This one is my upset pick for the day. Tsonga is looking great and he does love the energy at the Australian Open, but Bellucci is the kind of player who can give a top player serious trouble Bellucci has had his share of troubles closing out matches, but I think he may just put one across Jr. Ali!

Prediction: Tsonga to win in a 5 set battle

Jelena Jankovic Vs Ayumi Morita

The Asians are showing us why this open is the Australasia Open with some notable performances [check Petra Kvitova]. I expect the Japanese player to give JJ some trouble and possibly even upset her. If Jelena hits her sweet backhand like only she can, she will see off the threat.

Prediction: Jelena will squeak by in 3 sets.

Roger Federer Vs Blaz Kavcic

FEDBERG had a great start in the first round, where Federer started out shaky but then steadied the ship before much damage was done. Against Kavcic, Roger will have to be on his game to prevent this from turning into a battle – something he has not done so well in the last 2 slams. Federer will also be playing outside the RLA for the 1st time in almost 10years, so that could help Kavcic too. All said, this will be another match for those on the new Roger Federer roller coaster. I am expecting a joyful ride for the Federer faithful

Prediction: Mr.Tennis to get through in at most 4 sets!

So, which matches are you watching guys? and what are your upset picks? 🙂

Prakash Potukuchi [ aka Roger Laver is the founder of Sportz Cosmos]

14 thoughts on “AO 2014: Day 4 Preview

  1. I will be watching Nadal of course but I think upsets much more likely on women’s side. Mc hale can take this if she plays well she beat wozniaki before when wozniaki was number one! But maybe woz new diond ring gives her some of her old game?

    I think the issue with wozniaki is everyone wanted her to be more aggressive to win grand slams and she tried to change her game, which did not work and then somewhere along the line forget how and why she won all of those matches to get to number one in the first place

    • Hi Kimberley, agree about how a mid-career overhaul of playing style is not always the best thing to do. How many games do you think Rafa will lose today?

  2. Toby: I think if he was playing an Aussie he would be on RLA 🙂


    Great points on Caro. I am glad she made the effort to change, but IMO she has not committed to the cause. She made a half-hearted effort and paying the price! Can’t blame her…. life must be good with Rory proposing and all! I hope she dedicates herself to the game, she has atleast 1 slam in her – USO is my bet!

  3. I dont expect any upsets. At least in the top half for men’s. Women’s draw seems predictably heading towards top seeds making the semi-final cut. To spice things up, need an upset or rather a miracle:).

  4. What a pity Nadal could not play his match vs. Tomic! He neeeded the practise against a big hitter like Bernard. The comms were stating that the “think” it was a genuine injury, so we have to give him the benefit of the doubt. I think Tomic talked up himself so much that he had to save face ala another player of past years, thus, taking a retirement.

    • Not sure of that, wtatennis. I think given the heat, Rafa wouldn’t mind it all that much. This grandslam could very well be decided by who spends least time on the court and takes care of early matches quickly. Also, I feel that Rafa’s draw is opening up pretty quickly.

  5. Wow sharapova in a knock down drag out battle. Admire lepchecnko for finishing match she clearly was not feeling well in

    • Sharapova will grunt all her way up to semis where she is gonna meet ma girl Vika :). End of Road for the belle with Belle (tongue in cheek)

  6. WTA Tennis:

    now, now, who would that player be? 😉 I am going to give Tomic a pass this time, but I really hope he gets his act together. So much talent! He needs a Lendl 🙂


    I knew it was going to be a battle for Maria, but did not expect 10-8! It might just help her, being so battle tested! That serve though, it was badddddddddddd!

    Kudos to Lepchenko, these are brutal conditions!

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