AO 2014 : Men’s Quarter Final Preview

Now its time for the village elders to gather to discuss their wards’ prospects.

Courier: We do not speak of Thing We Do Not Speak Of(court speed)[1]

Roger Rasheed: Your ward plays “junk tennis” (looks back and winks at a flabbergasted Dimitrov)

Toni Nadal: Apart from being an imbecile, you are just rude. You are a real imbecile because if you knew something I think it would be right to say it. But knowing as I think you must know, Rafael always plays the best tennis, I find it incredible that an idiot like this can say what you said.(Rafa is making notes, IMBECILE that’s new word for today after LACE).

Roger Rasheed: You are too quick to pull the pin

Toni Nadal: When you think you are the king of the world, you are really stupid in my opinion because in this life every person is important.(Rafa is writing down, OPINION)

Courier:  Its amazing what two people love chooses to unite.(Rafa is really edgy and gets up).

Rafa: Do not get in to conversations. I have steamrolled Tomic(winks), Kokkinakis(hehe that’s two Aussies in a row), Monfils, Nishikori.

Courier: Are you saying you are too powerful for the Thing We Do Not Speak Of.

Rafa: (with a quizzical expression) Yes.

Dimitrov: I am the one with the upsets. I beat Raonic, Agut who beat Del Potro.

Rafa: I can give you one set. It is all that I can give you…It is all that I can give you.

Dimitrov: I accept.

Rafa beats Dimitrov in four sets.

Edberg while walking in with Lendl makes an underarm serve gesture. Lendl looks scared to death and falters. Murray holds him and gets him to his seat. Michael Chang is rolling with laughter.

Edberg: You are not getting any flowers from Murray are you? He doesn’t love you like he initially did.

Lendl: Even Kim Sears isn’t getting any (and pooh-poohs). What are you going to tell him to defeat Andy? Serve and volley to the old man huh(sarcasm dripping).

Federer: I have a lot to learn from him and other greats like Agassi, Sampras.

Courier: I am right here buddy, I am right here.

Federer: You beat Edberg, I don’t like you.

Courier: I have the Grand Slams, they will keep me safe (tears swell up)

Murray: Aah its frightful this business with Roger. He is in such great form. His service, forehand, backhand. Is it not Ivan?

Lendl: Do not worry Murray, I am certain it will end soon.

Murray: It would be a relief(rubbing his back).

Courier: Good, we did not speak of Thing We do Not Speak Of, hush, hush, it’s the Golden Era .

Federer wins in 4 sets.

Ferrer and Berdych themselves walk in.

Berdych: My coach is parked outside hahahah[2].

Ferrer: Piles will not Altur my course to a victory.

Berdych: I need to tweet this, its too funny. You go to the next round, its not safe.

Ferrer: Do you find me too much of a tomboy? I do what other boys do. Go till I play the big four and see how long I can go before being eliminated.

Berdych(sighs):  I do that too.

Ferrer: I do not worry what will happen, only what needs to be done.

Courier smiles:  I thought you guys would speak of Thing

Ferrer beats Berdych in 5 sets.

Magnus Norman walks in with Boris Becker.

Norman: You are in trouble you know.

Boris: Novak is the player not me. Lets strike a deal. No marathons.

Norman: No marathons. No coloring of hair to look like you. No impersonations of you.[3]

Boris: He hasn’t dropped a set you know.

Norman: Yeah my work ethic is going to help Wawrinka get Novak.

Boris: Its all childish games.

Djokovic wins in 4 sets

[1] The theme is inspired from “The Village”




 -Ranjit Eswaran [Ranjit Eswaran is the captain of the Tennis Galaxy at Sportz Cosmos. You can contact him at our gmail address: sportzcosmos]












70 thoughts on “AO 2014 : Men’s Quarter Final Preview

  1. I actyally think both are playing pretty well. Yes, they have had their errors, but they have also had very good shot and the defense of both guys is causing errors to the other. However, in the big points, it seem grigor is still not ready. He is young, and will learn. But i dont think he can take this match anymore. Rafa has to step it up a bit to beat Murray, if Murray passes through. I highly doubt Federer will beat Rafa even if Rafa is not at his best, just because it seems to me Fed doesnt believe he can beat Rafa anymore. Maybe im wrong, but thats the way it seems. The way I see it, it will be Rafa and Stan in the final.

  2. Carlos, I agree that Murray will pose more problems for Rafa than Federer. But either way, from here on, Rafa is the favourite by a mile.

  3. Carlos, Federer is at a stage where he can’t beat Rafa even in the indoor courts where Fed is as dominant as Nadal is on clay….
    Having said that, this unpredictability actually may help Roger.
    Anyway, he has to get by Murray first….

  4. Roger wants it so badly!! His backhand down the line is not going in. He needs to check that otherwise he looks all set for victory.

  5. We got what we wanted, the Fedal semi. I belive Roger played well in terms of serve and the serve and volley. But his ground stokes at times were a bit shakey, he played better against Tsonga. He is still looking very good however, better than Rafa. Rafa needs to step it up on serve, I hope his blisters heals by the time the match is played. And I hope he goes back to his aggressive style of tennis, with the serve/first shot combo he had at the US Open. He will need it against Fed because he wont have a ton of chances to break Fed the way he is serving. Cant wait to see this match!!

  6. Carlos:

    Nadal always plays aggressively against Fed since Miami 2003. As he mentions in his bio, he is quite aware of how Roger will take over the match if he doesn’t. In that sense, he’s quite clear headed and you can see it in their matches.

    Roger on the other hand doesn’t know how much more aggressive he needs to be….. As you say, serve will hold the key. Things are aligning for Roger except that 5yr difference, which he can do nothing about, hope he’s recovered from the Tsonga, Murray matches – they were not marathons but quite brutal affairs….

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