Swans Vs Chels and FA Cup Semi


Chelsea will be aware of the result at Anfield by the time they kick off at South Wales. But in truth, Chelsea are still the masters of their own destiny, they need to win all their games to win the title. While Chelsea’s problems of not having a world class striker is well documented and the blow of Eden Hazard getting injured, but the midweek win over PSG showed the spirit of the side which is in abundance and the ability to get over the line which can be crucial in the key “result only matters” period of the season.

Swansea should be safe, but need a win to be mathematically sure. However I can’t see them getting that on Sunday, even though Chelsea’s away form has been poor off late.



This is Arsenal’s best chance to win a trophy and end their trophy drought. They may have collapsed in the title race and are even struggling to get the 4th place, but this is a big big game for them and I think Arsene Wenger will extend his stay if they win the FA Cup. He is stalling over the new contract because I think he wanted to show that he has still got it.

Wigan will be no pushovers, as they have been a giant killer in this competition over the last 2 seasons. Under UwiRosler they are having a great season, and are on track to play in the play offs in the Championship. It won’t be easy for the Gunners, but I think Arsenal will be desperate to win and their greater quality will show.


-Ricky Jana [Ricky is a Football Analyst with Sportz Cosmos. You can reach him at the gmail id: sportzcosmos]

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