page2-img1This is our first step on what we hope will be a wonderful journey into the world of sports. Thank you for being part of this journey. We will make all efforts to make this journey a memorable one for each and everyone of our fellow sports fanatics, sports nuts and primarily the most important of them all, the sports lunatics. Please stick around and add all the craziness to make this journey an adventurous and memorable one.

Share your thoughts, comments and feedback and join us in our efforts to make this journey an exhilarating and exciting roller coaster of a ride.

 Team of Sportz Cosmos

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey guys, so I was thinking of some suggestions for the site. One thing I really would like to see is numerical analysis. For example, in one sorta magazine I was reading, there was a complete analysis onto why Federer was not obtaining the same results as before. The analyzed numbers were serve speed, serve percentage, return points wons, aces per game, forehand errors, etc. It is very hard to find in one site these kind of analysis for all the players (or top ones al least) consistently. I think if you guys make a section with these types of analysis, it would be very appealing to fans like me, that like to analysis the game by the numbers. In tennis.com and atpworldtour.com, the analysis is very superficial most of the time. Just a little suggestion for the future! Keep up the good work!

  2. Carlos:

    Thank you for the suggestions. I have shared them with Team Cosmos and we will definitely take your wonderful inputs and have sections geared towards numerical/statistical analysis. As it happens, our group is filled with engineers and IT guys, so your suggestion is in sync with our approach to tennis as well. I personally am more of a finance/statistical analyst at heart, so I definitely get the point you are trying to me.

    Thanks once again and please do keep giving us your insightful feedback regarding the things you would like to see in this site.

    RF (Rod Federer 😉

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