Dr. Nagendra Rentala

Dr. Nagendra Rentala
   [Head-Cosmonaut, Chess Galaxy]

Dr. Nagendra Rentala holds a Ph.D. degree in Geophysics from Osmania University capped by the Young Scientist Award from Indian National Science Academy. He played for India as a member of the team that took part in the 1982 Chess Olympiad (Luzern, Switzerland). After a decade long hiatus from competitive chess, he won the Schleswig-Holstein LandesMeisterSchaft qualifying for the German Chess Championship in 1993. He was instrumental in organizing the World Chess Championship matches held in 1994-95 at Sanghi Nagar, India. Currently he is active in the US open chess circuit. As an academician, software professional and chess player spanning a four decade career, he has fascinating ideas about the prospect of taming the silicon chess monster. Look forward to his illuminating articles on this branch of artificial intelligence and other themes of chess lore

You can reach him at gmail              :        Sportz Cosmos

You can read his posts below:

     Impressions from the Las Vegas International Open Chess Festival (Part II)

     Impressions from the Las Vegas International Open Chess Festival

     Anand – Carlsen World Chess Championship Match : In retrospect and prospect

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