Ah Roger!

When Roger Federer lost at Wimbledon 2013 and later slipped to number 5, Ranjit Eswaran penned this as a humble tribute to Mr. Tennis, Roger Federer. A very painful moment for many a Federer fan, the author [poet?] hopes this poem can capture his greatness from the view point of a true fan.

The irradiance of your career is getting mellow
Roger is your name my fellow
How can I not be romantic?
When the deft touch of thou racket is poetic
Ah Roger , Ah Roger , Ah Roger
In the age when your win was customary
In my mind every win was a page in a book written epistolary
The gentleman that you are with undulating hair
Left your opponents though gasping in despair
Ah Roger , Ah Roger , Ah Roger
The angles created by you were esoteric
Thou art destined to be an epic
Feats achieved by you are herculean
Your opponents seemed vaudevillian
Ah Roger , Ah Roger , Ah Roger
With you the tennis court is a proscenium
For mere mortals like me it is Elysium
Words I have associated with you have always been superlative
Alas with natural waning of your game, the world is indulging in pejorative
Ah Roger , Ah Roger , Ah Roger
I am sure you are in the twilight of your career
My eyes are unable to hold back a natural tear
Your achievements when read by my progeny
Would make thou seem an epiphany
Ah Roger , Ah Roger , Ah Roger
My humble tribute to you is this panegyric
You personify the word champion, handling loss without being acerbic
That we both have twin daughters is a similarity most frivolous
Quite enough to make my eulogy mellifluous
Ah Roger , Ah Roger , Ah Roger

Ranjit Eswaran [Ranjit Eswaran is a writer at Sportz Cosmos. You can contact him at our gmail address: sportzcosmos]

6 thoughts on “Ah Roger!

  1. Awesome! A very nice read! Fed deserves this tribute, for a job well done. He has given us many years of pleasure, now it’s time for those he wooed with his artistry to rise up and keep his legendary status alive. Go Fed!!

  2. A wonderful read even for a Djokovic fan. There is something about Federer that is fascinating. Have never seen another tennis player like him.

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